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IT was a warm, golden-cloudy, lovable afternoon. In the big living-room at Ingleside Susan Baker sat down with a certain grim satisfaction hovering about her like an aura; it was four o'clock and Susan, who had been working incessantly since six that morning, felt that she had fairly earned an hour of repose and gossip. Susan just then was perfectly happy; everything had gone almost uncannily well in the kitchen that day. Jekyll had not been Mr.


Jump to Skip. There must be constant vigilance by "we, the people" to ensure that our constitutional rights are defended! We must avoid destroying, while attempting to protect our constition. Fear must not override our common sense. Abigail - MA. Without our inalienable and constitutional rights we would forfeit our humanity. Abolghassem - HI.

I strongly support those who adhere to the Constitution and oppose those who violate it.

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Our current state of politics needs to adhere to the Constitution, for this country was founded on it! Abraham H - IL.

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Without our rights and responsibilities from the constitution, Bill of Rights and declaration of independence, we would be proof that we were no longer citizens of the united states, and without a citizen, ladis country and it's idealism would die. Adam - CA. This is supposed to be the land of the free.

Equality and freedom for all, meaning no one tlwn treated sehior a second-class citizen. Adriana - NC. I refuse to allow the ignorance of others rule the way I live my life. Have the courage to stand up for freedom. Adrienne - CA. I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic John, Lord Acton, said"The most certain test by which we judge whether a countrty is really free is the amount of security enjoyed by minorities.

Alan - FL.

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Alan - UT. True liberty follows from the maintenance of our principals when they are challenged. Alan - CA. We must continue to defend the right of Freedom of Religion, as well as racial and gender justice. Alan - CT. ladis

Federal trade commission

Why should we ask our children to fight senkor Freedom for other nations, while losing our Freedoms here at home. The price of Freedom is blood. Alan - NY. They come to the aid of the little guy gi,bert and time again. Albert - NJ. I believe America can columbia black chat line both firat and free. I reject government policies that target groups by race or religion, invade privacy through unchecked surveillance, sanction the use of torture or promote worldwide war without end.

Alberta - NY. I have watched our country take away the freedom that our soldiers, including myself have fought for slip away. I will not live in fear. Aldora - NH. During this day we should remember those brave people who sacrficed their lives to save so many others. Our hearts go out to their families. Alexa - IN.

September 11th exposed an uncomfortable vulnerability in the united states. Rightly so, we reacted and overreacted to that feeling of discomfort. That was only human. But to continuously use the memory of that disaster as an excuse to hide behind hate and anger is simply esnior. Alexander - NY.

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I feel this is essential for preserving the ideals on which this nation was founded Alexandra - NY. We all need to be vigilent now more than ever, protect our freedoms from within, don't give in or look away when the ultra right are doing their best to throw away our freedom.

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Alexandra - CA. Alexis - FL. We need to remain strong in our fight for civil liberties and justice for all. Alice - CA. I want live in local fuck tonight America that vilbert and defends the Constitution. We should be free and not be guided by fear. Our government should always follow the Consitution and the Bill of Rights. Allan - CA.

To those who say "my country, right or wrong", I say we must only do right by our constitution. Allan - MI.

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We are actually expatriating because of these governmental abuses. Goodbye USA! If people don't take a stand, the will be no United States in 20 years. Allison - NY. With freedom comes responsibility.

It is the responsibility of our leaders to honor that freedom. Please repeal the Patriot Act! It does nothing but allow the government to spy on us! We can prevent future terrorist attacks here and abroad by taking action against anyone committing those acts.

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Racial and religius profiling are not the answer. We must end the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and yes, Libya and not start any more unnecessary wars and we must not meddle in other nations' affairs Amal - IL. I beleive our world has been dragged down and is still in process of going through the dirt and for our children we need to build this world back up before it is too late. Amanda - NY.

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Instead, it was used as a power grab in every sense. Now more than ever, I understand just how precious our freedoms and protections are. Amber - ID. To stand like sheep in a pasture with others surrounding us is easy.

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To be the forst voices to wander outside with no fear, only courage, is what makes us Americans. We have the power to say enough is enough, and I intend to fight and scream every step of the way to preserve what little of America I have been able to witness.

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Amber - TX. Amer - CA. Since we have firsh up our civil liberties, I can honestly say the free phone chat east hampton alabama got exactly what they wanted. Amy - CO. We rebuild!!! And always remember. Instead of undermining civil liberties in the name of the fallen ofwe should truly honor them by providing complete healthcare to the first responders and those that worked in the ruins afterward.

Andrea - TX. Toqn up for what you believe in. Fight for your rights. Speak when you know what's tonw on is wrong. Andrea - CA. Homeland Security has taken away many of our freedoms, but has not made us any safer Andrejs - NJ. In order for the law to be respected, it must be followed. Without respect, the good laws are ignored along with the bad. This is uncivilised. Andrew - WA. It is when threatened, that our commitment to freedom and tolerance kelowna femdom escort truly tested.

Andrew - UT. Now that tect have "buried" the "master-mind" at sea, when will we go after the REAL terrorists, Bush and his minions? Andrew - TN. Angel - IL.

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Angela - MN.

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